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Your Job search is just one step away. To confirm to your employers that you are education minded, we have included a way for you to request FREE education information! Please note: This step is optional.  It is 100% FREE and it only INCREASES YOUR CHANCES

Get your job hunt rolling. Apply to jobs online, post your resume, get expert advice after simply requesting free education information.

Therefore, to give you an advantage in getting hired, we have included a way for you to confirm for employers that you are education minded by simply requesting a free education information. It will take about 5 seconds to fill in the short form. Get started now! Just follow the three easy steps below to get free education information and afterwards view job offers.Note: While statistics prove that people with higher levels of education attain higher paying jobs and employers prefer to hire those who are education minded, you are not required to request Free education information in order to view available jobs. This is merely our suggestion to help improve your chances. If you are not interested in receiving further information, please proceed to Step 3. Get started now!

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Complete Steps 1 & 2 First - Then you will have a better chance at getting a job.
How We Help You Find The Perfect Job Opportunity in Your Area

We help you find the perfect job and employment you are looking for locally. We want you to make more money in your job - so we have partnered with some of the lead education resource websites. Employers love to seek out people who are interested in developing their skills. The better skills you have - the more education you have - the more money you can make in your local job. With this process, you have a new job to gain and a higher paying position! Get started now!

Improve Your Job Chances

Studies have shown that employers are far more interested in candidates who are serious about continuing their education. So, get serious about getting a job you like - and a job that can make you more money. The better the education you have - the more money you can possibly make. I know that the marketplace pays for value - and the way you can increase your value is to increase your skillset for a local job. So when you are searching for local jobs and employment - beef up your resume with some education - we can help you -. Get started now!





Job Tips to Help you Get hired and find the local job you are looking for.

6 job tips to help you get a local job you love

1)    First, figure out what you want. What kind of people do you want to work with?  What makes you happy?  What time of the day do you want to work?  Do you have a family and different priorities to deal with?  Figuring out the answers to these questions is step 1 in getting the job you want.  Because if you don’t really want a job that you interview for – your interviewer will know it.  The Bible says to find joy in your work – so find something you like about a position when applying and interviewing and then focus on that.

2)     Ask people around you what they think you would be good at or love to do.  Sometimes we can waste so much time surfing the internet and looking for something and we don’t even know what we want – so a good place to start is by asking your friends and family – and people know you – from school, other parents, church, gym, etc.  The key to this is that as you do this – you will find answers, but the hidden value you will receive is that you may also get referred to a job, and then your chance to get the job skyrockets! Get started now!

3)    After you decide what you want to do – and you have a good idea of where it is you can find this – sit down and map out how you will get this job – will it be a local job?  Will the job be in your area?  Do you need to talk with a spouse before moving forward?  Do you need a car or public transportation or some ‘buddy’ system to get to work?  Work out the details so that nothing is holding you back and you can focus straight ahead.

4)    Get on Facebook and linkedin – and start to network.  This is similar to #2 above – but now – this is your mission.  Meet people – contact people and find out about local jobs in your area that would be best for you.

5)    Remember – the first impression is so important once you get an interview.  The most important thing you could do when you walk into an interview is to SMILE.  Most people don’t smile – and this alone will carry heavy weight…big time!

6) Get education so that you can get a higher paying job - we highly recommend you continue to step 2 and help yourself to make more money.

Employers love someone who has some education or is pursuing an education for a local job - so be sure to advance to step 2 - - Jobs For Felons - Get started now!

Good luck and get that job!


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